Go Paperless


Design unlimited forms that work anywhere – laptop, tablet, mobile.


Pre-populate PDFs with information such as case fields and fill out online.

Merge Forms

Create online narrative style merge forms that blend data with text, images and more.

Digital Signatures

Capture digital signtures on any form from any person including providers, service coordinators and parents.  

Folders & Files

Store folders and files for cases, people, visits and more. 

Standardize workflow & Stay Compliant

Case Checklists

Checklists are the best way to make sure important case tasks are getting done in a standard way so nothing falls through the cracks such as progress notes.

HR Checklists

Checklists also track important provider information such as insurance and background check.  


Automated Alerts such as progress notes overdue and gaps in services makes sure your team is on top the important stuff.

Automate Billing & Payroll

Auto capture

Automatically capture billing and payroll when a provider enters a visit or a service coordinator enters a note. 

Automated Error Checks

When a visit or SC note is entered, over 100 error checks automatically checks to make sure billing is clean and compliant.

Billing Batches

Generate a billing batch in the format required by your paysoucre including ANSI 837.  Claims can also be populated onto required billing forms.

Apps for Everyone

Simple Apps for your Teams

Move away from bloated software with thick user manuals to simple role based cloud apps with just the features needed, nothing less nothing more.

Provider Portal

Providers have mobile access to their assigned cases and can quickly get to information such as clicking on a phone number to dial a parent.  Providers capture their visits notes on their device including electronic signatures from parents.

Coordinator Portal

Service Coordinators have access to their cases and can quickly enter billable and non-billable notes. Minutes and units are automatically calculated with billing ready to be reviewed.

Executive Portal

Managers and owners can quickly see dashboards and reports that indicate performance indicators complete with graphs. 

Have it your way

Designer apps

Designer apps allow you to create and customize apps, forms, reports, dashboards, checklists, alerts and automated workflow.

Customize Apps

You have complete control on customizing and creating apps for your teams and external users such as parents and doctors.  

Unlimited Forms

Design unlimited forms that work anywhere – laptop, tablet, mobile.

Unlimited Reports

Customize reports with your custom fields and powerful easy to use filters.  Export to Excel, Word and more.  

Unlimited Alerts

Create alerts based on reports and calculations that proactively tell your users to take action.

"iCentral has given us the ability to electronically sign and store our service notes. This has drastically reduced the cost of physical file storage facilities."

– Paula Alves
PHS, Deputy Project Director

Apps built by Experts

iCentral works with industry experts and our customers to create turn-key solutions for a variety of markets.  All apps are designed to be role based and simple to use.  Below are a few examples of solutions that are ready to go.  Contact us for a demo to see them in action.  

Early Intervention

Manage Early Intervention cases from start to finish including IFSPs, visits with custom forms with digital signatures, service coordination, billing, remittance, portal apps for your providers and much more.

Special Education

Manage Special Education cases from start to finish including IEPs, attendance and visits with custom forms with digital signatures, billing, remittance, portal apps for your providers, teachers and much more.    


Manage your day care facility from start to finish including taking attendance, tracking medications and allergies, credit card and ACH billing, portal apps for parents, caregivers and much more.  

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