Custom apps without the custom costs

1-Create an app

2-Add features 

3-Your custom app

Have it your way without paying a fortune

iCentral apps allows you to create simple, yet powerful apps to manage and distribute your information in a secure environment powered by Amazon cloud.  Leverage iCentral’s platform to quickly create apps to capture, report and distribute your custom data.  Tap into iCentral’s very affordable customization services to delivery anything that the platform cannot.

Quickly create your unique solution

App Designer

Create an app in seconds that can include forms, reports, files, folders, chat and much more.  Add custom code to give you exactly what you need. Distribute to your teams or outside users.    

Form Designer

Move away from paper and emailing forms to designing your own forms in web, PDF, mail merge formats complete with custom fields and tables.

Report Designer

Report on data from your custom tables and fields.  Save quick filters so users can quickly get the data they need in just a couple of clicks.

Dashboard Designer

Create dashboards to give your users a quick big picture glance with instant access to the information they need.

Checklist Designer

Standardize your operations with powerful checklists making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Database Designer

Centralize and simplify your data in a secure environment powered by Amazon Cloud.  Add custom tables and fields.  Import your legacy data including databases.

Automation Designer

Create workflow triggers to automate data including automatically applying checklists and smart tags.

iCentral Platform + Expert = 🙂 

iCentral Expert

An iCentral Expert can help you every step of the way to deliver your solution.  Get help creating that form, report, or auto tag.  iCentral also has a development team on standby to help with anything complex.

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